About Us

WELCOME to the official website for Hourahine's Martial Arts in Cambridge, Ontario.  We hope this site will provide an online connection to help you learn more, get started, or continue your journey in the martial arts!

Since 1999, Hourahine’s Martial Arts has committed to providing an opportunity for all in Cambridge to reach a new level of personal excellence through the study and application of Karate.

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All Martial Arts Goals Begin as Dreams

"From our first meeting we felt welcomed into the dojo and knew that HMA was the place to start our daughter’s karate journey."

-Parents of Lillie, HMA Karate Student

“Since enrolling at the Centre we have noticed a positive change in Julie’s attitude and attention span. This is finally something she loves and is going to stick with.”

-Parents of Julie, 8 year old student

Our Programs

Give Your Kids an Active Start

Karate lessons for children are a great way to help develop a foundation of movement, focus, and resilience while learning valuable socialization skills in a fun martial arts environment!


The Skills to Succeed in Life

As pressures from the outside world increase, martial arts classes for youth can create the confidence, discipline, and self respect needed to succeed. Karate is a great way to continue to build an athletic base while learning important self defence skills.


Now is the time!

The pursuit of excellence is relevant in all phases of life and martial arts programs for adults provides a perfect way to gain fitness, focus, strength, and inner peace.

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