HMA Cambridge is pleased to welcome, for the first time to Canada, founder of Seishin International & KARATEbyJesse.com, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Martial Arts Author & National Kata Champion, Jesse Enkamp for a series of seminars.

Sensei Enkamp is credited as being a wealth of knowledge on both traditional and sport karate due to his extensive training, research, competition, and world travels. His goal is to spread his passion for “real” karate around the globe.

OPEN to ALL BELT LEVELS and STYLES (except McDojos…it’s a Jesse-thing :)! Both local students and those travelling to Cambridge, are encouraged to attend one of the trainings as they will include important information that can’t be found anywhere else!

Saturday and Sunday Sessions will include the same content so students can choose which ever day is best for their schedule.  OKINAWAN SECRETS SEMINAR to feature:

  • Combative Principles
  • Muchimi (tactile/sensory drills)
  • Gamaku Concept & Relaxation
  • Bunkai training
  • Karate History and Lore
  • Much more…but you’ll have to be there to find out!



Ages 13 – Adult Saturday, April 25th 11am – 4pm Cost: $69 (tickets must be purchased online) Location: Hourahine’s Martial Arts 695 Industrial Road, Unit 9 Cambridge, Ontario 519-653-8886 or EMAIL

On Monday, April 27th, Sensei Enkamp will be conducting an in-depth seminar for developing WKF karate athletes including:

  • Kata: PAIKU (Ryuei-Ryu)
  • Detail and Bunkai
  • Performance Drills
  • Training for Explosiveness Plus… learning how to be more awesome in general


Ages 12-19 Monday, April 27th 7:15-9:15pm Cost: $30 (tickets available at HMA) or by EMAIL


Need more information CONTACT US BELOW!


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