Are you too old to start or continue learning martial arts?

Well, there are two answers…


ANSWER ONE:   If you are looking for another excuse to NOT get involved with one of the world’s most popular pursuits for all ages (Conformation bias – the tendency we all share to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses) then, AGREED, you ARE too damn old for karate and should ignore all of the reasons that it is good for others just like you… Now get out there and shake your angry fist at those troublesome teenagers! (assuming it’s not naptime).


However, if  you’re thinking there may be something for you in this karate thing, then consider this: You need strength, discipline, health, and mental clarity to be the best version of yourself….at any age.


And here is your ticket.                  karate martial arts adults cambridge


ANSWER 2:  According to karate researcher and fellow traditional martial arts advocate, Jessie Enkamp “You’re not too old…you’re just untrained”  and, with time and patience, you too can be enjoying the process and reaping the benefits of a well-designed, professionally taught martial arts program.  REAL BENEFITS like…

Strength and Discipline.  Life is hard and full of temptations that can lead you down the wrong paths. Your job, your family, your community needs you…and needs the best version of you.  That’s going to take physical and emotional strength. A karate dojo is designed to work you hard and help you build the tools to be authentic.  It’s not about fighting other people, it’s about fighting to be yourself!

Stress relief and purpose.   Nothing motivates and makes you feel accomplished like putting everything you have  (even if it’s only for a couple of hours a week) into pursuing a goal you believe in.  Losing yourself in a great class blows off steam and gives you back more energy to face the other challenges in your day-to-day.

Life long fitness.  You can be flexible, strong, and vibrant for your whole life. The idea that you need to be put in a rocking chair at a certain age is a myth.  However, physical freedom as you age comes at a price. That price means getting out of the office and off the couch to invest sometime pushing, pulling, punching, kicking, and sweating your way to a more limber, reactive, and muscular body.


Now, will come the excuses…


“I’m too busy,” (you’re not…there are busier people then you in karate already.  Imagine how much time being sick or injuring your back mowing the lawn will cost you!).

“I can’t afford it,” (you can…and by doing so you’ll probably need to quit something that’s unhealthy for you).

“I’m too inflexible or out of shape,” (you’re not…there are no prerequisites for starting martial arts).

“It would have been better if I had started as a kid,” (wrong… karate was originally created for adults.  Now is the time.)


…I’ll deal with these barriers to participation in another article.  So for now, once and for all…YOU ARE NOT TOO DAMN OLD FOR KARATE.  (and If you still think so…ask these guys 🙂


If you are in the Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph area…consider our martial arts karate programs for adults!  CLICK BELOW…


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