15 Years of Martial Arts Excellence

Cambridge’s #1 and ONLY facility offering BOTH a connection to Japan and the developing Olympic sport!

Since 1999, Hourahine’s Martial Arts has been committed to providing an opportunity for all in Cambridge to reach a new level of personal excellence through the study and application of Karate.

In simple terms, Karate Do (empty hand way) is a system of self defense designed to teach students to use their hands, feet, elbows and knees for self defense purposes.

In a broader sense, Karate helps practitioners strengthen and unify the mind, body and spirit to help better themselves in all aspects of life. Goju Ryu Karate Do is the particular style of self defense studied here at Hourahine’s Martial Arts in Cambridge, Ontario.

Our instructors have the opportunity to train at the systems roots in Okinawa, Japan as well as other national and international events. Our programs are broken down into child, youth and adult classes. This insures that each group gets a program specific to their mental, physical and social needs.

Our facilities are designed to take your martial arts to the next level:

  • 1500 square feet of mat space
  • Strength and sports conditioning area
  • Traditional and modern training equipment


695 Industrial Road, Cambridge

It is our pleasure to invite you to join our martial arts family at 695 Industrial Road, Cambridge. This year, we celebrate 15 years of providing quality martial arts, health, and lifestyle programs to our community


ALL of our programs are taught by experienced, qualified coaches internationally recognized by agencies such as Karate Ontario, Sport Canada, and The Okinawan Tradtional Goju Ryu Karate and Kobudo Organization in Japan.